SKCC Weekend Sprintathon’s Focus on Veterans

The red poppy has become a symbol for Veterans Day and its overseas counterparts. The use traces its roots to a poem penned in 1915 by Canadian Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae entitled “In Flanders Fields.” *

You’re invited to join the Straight Key Century Club in celebrating veterans this weekend during the club’s Weekend Sprintathon. It runs from 00:00-23:59 UTC Nov. 11.

The bonus-point scheme for the event gives a premium to veterans who participate. Since Veterans Day in the US has counterpart celebrations in many countries around the world, the vet-friendly bonus scheme is available to all veterans from any country.

As contests go, the Sprintathons are fairly mellow. The only equipment requirement: In keeping with the club’s purpose of perpetuating artisanal Morse code, we ask that all participants use a straight key, sideswiper, or bug. You can give keyers and keyboards a rest for this one.

You can enter as QRO, QRP, QRPp, and even SWL.

For complete information, visit the event’s web page at . You’ll find a description of the event and its bonus-point scheme, as well as information about exchanges and scoring. You can find a list of the club calling frequencies here:

The awards? Bragging rights, mostly. The results appear immediately after a participant enters the required QSO information and bonus total on the event’s submissions page. No logs required at our end; we operate on the honor system.

If after reading the information on the event page you still have questions, feel free to contact me at Even if you can’t operate for the entire event, we welcome your participation. Join us for some good old fashioned, e-flat, A No. 1 brass-pounding!

*Image courtesy of

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