A nutty new entrant to the annual QRP-event line-up

Here's one way to get your peanut whistle into the field!

Here’s one way to get your peanut whistle into the field — air mail! If Steve, WG0AT, can use goats to schlep gear, why not…oh never mind.

How could I have missed this? A new QRP operating event, and it’s coming up Sept. 29. They call it the Peanut Power QRP Sprint — first annual, even!

“They” in this case is the North GA QRP Club. The event runs from 2000 to 2200 UTC Sunday, or 4 P.M. to 6 P.M. EDT. And while you don’t need to run low power or take it on the road, operating low and portable helps.

The event has five categories. Goobers (those are good things, or the “prestige” category, according to the club’s rules on this event) run 1 watt or less CW (2W PEP or less using SSB) and operate as portable stations. At the other end of the spectrum, you have your Raws, who run more than 5 watts (10 PEP) from the comfort of their own shacks or portable.

By the way, for this event portable can mean your own backyard, as long as the antenna you use is a temporary antenna. Temporary as in “set up for this event,” not temporary as in “it’s only up until we move to a new house.”

You can operate CW and/or SSB, and it helps to snag a peanut number (154 here). You’ll be worth more to the folks who contact you.

Reserve a number by sending an email to Jim Stafford, W4QO, at qrp@bellsouth.net. This is not a live email link, so you’ll have to copy and paste the address into your email form. You have until midnight Sept. 28 (EDT) to request a number.

Whether you operate from inside or out, high power or low, it’s nice to see another QRP event in the fall, especially one that encourages portable operations and takes place while there’s still enough daylight at the event’s end!

Planters anyone?

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2 Responses to “A nutty new entrant to the annual QRP-event line-up”

  1. Dale - WC7S Says:

    Sounds like fun to me.. not sure how good a goober is from Wy.. all I can do is give it a try, see what the day holds… look for me on 20..
    I’ll be handing out # 170.
    Thanks and good luck!!

  2. This sounds just great as we are in the process of getting our home up for sale so the antennas are down. This can give me some well needed air time…..but it’s now OCT!!!! Sorry I did not read this post just a little sooner. Oh well there are other portable contests….I hope in the near furture I can get in on to settle the ham bug in me!

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